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Stock Splits

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Tue Jan 14 2020, 11:52AM

Joined: Mon Mar 25 2013, 09:44PM
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Face value split and bonus split to update in Amibroker charts from 2017-Feb-20 to 2019-12-26

SymbolNewOldEx-Date (yyyymmdd)Purpose
RADIOCITY5120190220 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 2/- Per Share
WIPRO4320190306 Bonus 1:3
NTPC6520190319 Bonus 1:5
JMA5120190514 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 2/- Per Share
TTKPRESTIG6520190515 Bonus 1:5
SYNGENE2120190611 Bonus 1:1
BIOCON2120190612 Bonus 1:1
CHOLAFIN5120190614 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 2/- Per Share
RELAXO2120190626 Bonus 1:1
MAGADSUGAR141020190627 Bonus 4:10
AVADHSUGAR2120190627 Bonus 1:1
UPL3220190702 Bonus 1:2
APCOTEXIND5220190704 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 5 Per Share To Rs 2 Per Share
GAIL2120190709 Bonus 1:1
BHAGERIA2120190717 Bonus 1:1
VBL3220190725 Bonus 1:2
RITES5420190808 Bonus  1:4
SESHAPAPER5120190819 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 2/- Per Share
SWELECTES3220190822 Bonus 1:2
BRIGADE3220190828 Bonus 1:2
ASTRAL5420190916 Bonus 1:4
HDFCBANK2120190919 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 2 Per Share To Rs 1 Per Share
AARTIIND2120190927 Bonus 1:1
SATIA10120191015 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Re 1/- Per Share
IMPAL3220191025 Bonus 1:2
HCLTECH2120191205 Bonus 1:1
TRIDENT10120191213 Face Value Split (Sub-Division) - From Rs 10/- Per Share To Rs 1/- Per Share
BALMLAWRIE3220191226 Bonus 1:2
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