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ULTIMATE VOLATILITY TRADING SYSTEM V.2 for Amibroker (AFL) by Murali Krishna.

This is Ultimate Volatility Trading system Upgrade Version for swing traders.

Included some new tools: ADM = Average Day Moment (between one-day Hi Low distance of a scrip), this is very important to set our trade Targets (risk reward ratio levels),

1. low risk reward= 1:1 , Ex: Target is minimum 1/2 ADM points and stop loss also same points (normal Profit)
2. medium risk reward= 2:1 , Ex= Target is minimum 1 ADM points and stop-loss is 1/2 ADM points (good Profit)
3. high risk reward= 3:1 or above , Ex= Target is minimum 1 1/2 or 2 ADM points and stop-loss is 1/2 ADM points

Left side of the window show Monthly, Weekly and Previous day High Low Levels, this levels are major Support and Resistance levels for trading,
(PDH = Previous day High, PDL = Previous day Low, CWH= Current week High, 1WH= first week high CMH= current Month High CML= current Month Low etc.)

So trade with buy sell signals. Suggested target & stop-loss minimum 2:1 ratio, and notice that left side window major levels.

Download from: http://www.stocklivedata.com/newsite/download.php?view.15

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