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Remove unwanted quotes from Amibroker chart
SiteAdmin, Tue Mar 04 2014, 01:26PM

Toady (March 4, 2014) Nifty futures of march expiry was opened by creating a very low price at 5620. Previous day close for Nifty futures was 6239.45. After opening the market, price came to the normal values and continued tradinig. But this big difference in intraday chart causes much difficulties in the intraday chart analysis.

There are two options to overcome this problem.

1) Delete the open price bar:- Switch Amibroker chart to the base time interval (1 minute). Select the open price bar using select tool. Then go to Menu > Edit > click Delete Quotation. So the selected first bar will be removed from the Amibroker chart. Save Databse (File > Save Databse). Now the entire chart will be visible as usual.

2) If you do not want not remove the quote completely from the chart, you can edit quote using Quote Editor which is available under Symbols menu. Open Quote editor and go to the openingĀ  bar quote. Then copy the close price of the bar (6252.25) and paste the same for Open and Low values for the bar. Click ok and Save Databse. This method will keep the open bar in the chart and the chart will be visible normally.

You will need to do this process on every time you import intraday data for Nifty futures for 2014-March-4